World Just Sort Of Standing There Watching Syria Burn To The Ground


AS aid routes to Aleppo are shut off and America accuses Russia of war crimes, the world has confirmed it is just going to sort of stand there and watch Syria slowly wiped off the map.

More than 5 years into the conflict which has seen Syria splinter into indecipherable rebel forces that continue to fight Bashar al-Assad’s Russian backed troops, the world is no closer to investing its time or effort into an intervention of significance, peaceful or otherwise.

“I’m fairly certain when I watch a programme on the History Channel about Syria I can tell my kids that yeah, we sort of just watched from a distance and did nothing,” Conor O’Loudney, citizen of the world shared with WWN.

“I’ll have to explain first that Syria was an actual country once upon a time, filled with people like you and me, and how not one single example of the incomprehensible horrors could rouse me beyond watching for a minute and flicking onto the next channel,” added O’Loudney.

O’Loudney will likely be asked by his inquisitive children why, when over 50% of the victims in the most recent bombing campaign of Aleppo were children, the world left it to inept political leaders to find a solution without banding together to pressure a push towards peace.

“Yeah, that’s not going to reflect well on any of us at all, at all, is it?” O’Loudney added, careful to note that he would show his children screenshots of his Facebook statuses from the era in which he made a number of sweeping generalisations about the conflict.