Manboobs: Going From An A Cup To A B Cup, We Show You How


WHILE not for everyone, the increasing popularity of manboob fetish pornography sites has led to an uptake in men seeking to enhance their chest size in order to attract the opposite sex.

For some of the most striking examples of the rise in man boob popularity, a huge Instagram following and product endorsements may await. If you’re thinking of improving from a modest A cup to the much coveted man boob B cup, WWN is here to help.

Carb loading

Much like bulking up and trying to enhance your muscle mass, increasing your boob-mass requires a similar dedication to eating loads of carb rich foodstuffs.

No gain = no gain

Think you’ve eaten enough carbs. Think again. Don’t think a personal trainer won’t tell you the same.

Share your progress on Instagram

Once you’ve started on your new regime, it’s important to let everyone know about it, share on social media feeds for free likes and shares which will actually add millimetres to your manboob size.

Fat is your friend

Debate rages over fatty foods; is it really the key to a shapely man boob? Science around this area is constantly evolving, but for now the answer is yes. A fatty steak is amongst the best food if you need to add some more boob to your man.

Copy the lifestyle of chesty women

While this step has no basis in scientific fact, many men who reported an increase in manboob size say they simply followed the example of large-breasted women, aping their habits, hobbies and diets to achieve a larger, more shapely manboob.