Fianna Fáil Call For Reversal Of Cuts They Caused


FIANNA Fáil have bravely rounded on the inept Fine Gael led government to demand that they reverse the swingeing cuts visited upon the Irish people largely because of Fianna Fáil.

After falling asleep at the wheel while governing recklessly, the party incurred a lifetime ban from governing the country, however, Fianna Fáil has impressed many voters by doggedly demanded parity be restored in Irish life after the party itself spent years working tirelessly to create the perfect conditions for a seismic economic meltdown.

“You know the way we’ve no money because of how we fucked everything right the fuck up,” a Fianna Fáil spokesman said in a damning statement on Fine Gael policies ahead of the upcoming budget, “you should get more money from somewhere and stop all the bad things we did to make everyone’s life fairly shite,” the champions of the working classes went on to add.

The calls for a reversal of savage cuts come as Fianna Fáil increase their pronouncements on concepts such as ‘integrity’, ‘equality’, ‘society’ and ‘Irish values’ which have been synonymous with the party ever since they said such things were ‘totally a Fianna Fáil thing’ some time in the last week.

“It’s easy for Fine Gael to roll out the ‘it’s Fianna Fáil’s fault’ excuse,” admitted political commentator Adrian Bunhoddy, “but at the same time Fianna Fáil are balls out trolling both their haters and the Irish public at this point,” added Bunhoddy who also holds a degree in Internet Speak.