Celtic Fans Offered Counselling After 7-0 Thrashing By Barcelona


COUNSELLORS throughout Scotland and some parts of Ireland have offered their services to Celtic fans, free of charge, following Barcelona’s domineering 7-0 win against the Hoops.

“My heart went out to them, and I thought I couldn’t in my right mind charge any of them money if they needed a shoulder to lean on or cry into for the next year or so,” Dublin based counsellor Niamh Tally explained to WWN.

Tally is just one of hundreds of trained counsellors who have reached out to Celtic fans in the aftermath of what many football experts are calling ‘a massacre on par with the most gruesome in living memory’.

“The fact we knew we were going to have our pants pulled down in front of the whole world by Barca, doesn’t change the fact it happened and it’s causing us hurt,” explained a dejected Simo Kelly, a Celtic fan and shadow of his former self.

“I should have watched it down the pub, my sitting room holds too many horrible memories now – I can’t even set foot in it after what happened in there last night,” Kelly added.

Additional research by WWN shows Kelly has placed the TV he watched the match on up on eBay.

Elsewhere, Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers heralded his team’s ‘great character’ in a 20-minute post-match interview in which he repeated the phrase ‘great character’ over and over again into a microphone while sobbing.