Bernie Sanders Pictured Hitting The Gym After Clinton Health Scare


HILLARY CLINTON’S former rival for the position of the Democratic party’s pick for president, Bernie Sanders, has caused a stir after being pictured pumping iron in his local gym.

Sanders display of strength and virility has been taken as a sign by Washington DC insiders that the Vermont Senator is making clear he is ready to take over from Clinton if concerns surrounding her health continue.

“The guy is a machine, he’s benching 200 pounds and he’s able to walk gingerly on a treadmill for like 5 minutes tops,” Sanders’s personal trainer Chad Hunt explained to WWN.

“He rang me at 5am yesterday morning and told me to get my ass down to the gym, once he arrived in, he just told me to put the training montage from Rocky IV on the screen and to get the weights ready,” Hunt added.

Sources close to Sanders confirmed he is in perfect health, and has sent a number of get well soon cards to Clinton.

“Some senior Democrat figures still have their doubts about Bernie, but he was absolutely destroying his kegel workout this afternoon, he’s in perfect shape for a presidential run,” Hunt concluded.

While Democrats continue to deny Clinton has any persistent issues with health, reports indicate that donors to the party have donated as much as $6 million in an effort to rebuild the former Secretary of State.