Sources Confirm Chris Brown Has His Poor Mother’s Heart Broken


FOLLOWING yet another skirmish with the law and more allegations of violence against women, sources close to R&B star Chris Brown have confirmed that his poor mother’s heart is broken, and that she ‘doesn’t know what to do with him at all at all’.

The singer has a history of violent behaviour, including a 2009 attack on then-girlfriend Rihanna, which resulted in a 5-year probation sentence. Brown’s mother was said to be ‘very disappointed’ in her son at the time, stating that ‘he wasn’t reared like that, so he wasn’t”.

Yesterday Brown, 27, was involved in a tense stand-off with police in Los Angeles, amid reports that he had threatened a woman with a gun and then attempted to have her sign a non-disclosure agreement barring her from reporting the incident.

Police swarmed on Brown’s home as friends and family pleaded with the singer to co-operate, resulting in an arrest late last night. Sources have confirmed that poor aul Joyce ‘isn’t the better of it yet’, and hopes her son ‘rights himself’.

“She’s in bits, the poor crater,” confirmed one of Joyce’s neighbours, as she smoked at the front gate of her house.

“He’s a pure pup that child, doesn’t think of his mam at all. Away gallivanting with them rap lads, and the tattoos on them; Jeeeesus. She keeps going on about how nice he was in school. Well I’ll tell you, if he was my child, there’d be manners on him”.

Adding shame to injury, detectives visited Brown’s mam in her house in a marked squad car, so now everyone in the neighbourhood knows something is up.