Local Man Doesn’t Answer Private Numbers


“If you can’t be bothered showing your number, I can’t be bothered answering your call”

These are the words of Kevin Dalton, a local school teacher who refuses to say yes to private numbers. WWN arranged to meet the 36-year-old at his home in Tramore, where he bravely spoke to us about his ongoing dilemma.

“I’ve fallen out with a few friends over it,” Dalton began, referring to an emergency situation involving one of his elderly neighbours who locked herself in a toilet for 4 days, “Like, how was I supposed to know she was ringing 369 times for help? Turn off your private number if you want someone to answer you”.

Dalton claims that most private calls are debt collectors or scams anyway, and branded anyone hiding their number as a ‘gobshite’ that should have their phones taken from them for using the discrete option.

“I have Eir chasing me for Film4 channels I drunkenly subscribed to. I have the Provident loan guy pestering me for a 100 euro loan I got last year, which is now €14k with interest for some reason. And then you have all these phone scams that charge your phone a fortune,” added Dalton, “Fuck answering that shit”.

However, during our interview, Dalton’s phone began ringing.

“Ah for fuck sakes,” he barked, now holding up the phone in disgust, “It’s a private number. I bet it’s the DHL guy delivering the Sports Direct stuff I ordered. They can never find my house”.

Following a tense standoff between Dalton, the phone and this intrigued reporter, the grandson-of-four finally caved in and answered the phone, but without greeting the caller on the other end, just leaving them to speak first.

“Yeah, it was the DHL guy,” he later defended, slightly embarrassed he answered, forcing an end to our interview, “I’d rarely do that now.  Hey, where you going? Come back. Please don’t write that I answered. Hey! Call me later?” before adding, “don’t block the number though”.