Enda Kenny Makes Painful Decision To Terminate Twitter Account


FOLLOWING a long and at times painful weekend, Taoiseach Enda Kenny has made the decision to terminate his Twitter account.

Kenny, 65, said he felt that ‘the time wasn’t right’ for him to have a personal Twitter handle where members of the public could contact him directly, adding that ‘having a Twitter account right now is having a detrimental effect’ on both his physical and mental wellbeing.

The reality of life with a Twitter account hit hard at the weekend, as thousands of angry citizens demanded that An Taoiseach address the “Two Women Travel” event, which ‘revolved around human rights violations or something like that’.

Struggling to cope with the pressures of being the leader of a country with a social media account where people could directly contact him and demand answers about how he will tackle Ireland’s stance on the 8th Amendment.

Kenny’s decision to terminate his Twitter account has been met with harsh criticisms from pro-Twitter campaigners, who claim that the Taoiseach is only thinking of himself right now and will regret his actions later in life. However, a spokesperson for the pro-social media choice side has assured Mr. Kenny that it is his Twitter, his choice.

“This man shouldn’t be forced to carry on with an unviable social media account if he doesn’t want to,” said one supporter of Enda’s right to terminate his Twitter.

“What would you have him do? Carry on with his account, having to see thousands of notifications every day from people demanding that he address the electorate? Enda doesn’t want that responsibility, and he shouldn’t be made to endure it just because some people think that’s all the leader of a country is there for”.

Mr. Kenny is being supported by friends and family during this difficult time, and has been assured that he can ‘try again’ for a Twitter account in a few years.