Ecstatic Student Receives 1st CAO Choice Parents Bullied Him Into Choosing


A VISIBLY ecstatic Dublin student Ronan Mulherdy broke down in tears this morning after learning he was accepted into his parent’s first choice for him in UCD.

“Aw, sure we’re delighted aren’t we Ronan? This is what we’ve wanted ever since the studying kicked into full gear in 2nd year,” proud and not in any way overbearing father, Terrence Mulherdy shared with WWN.

It is estimated Ronan is just one of many 17 and 18-year-olds who woke up to the news that they have earned a place on a course of their parents’ choosing, leading to unbridled joy in many Irish households.

“Eh, yeah, happy I guess,” Ronan sobbed as the full weight of his decision, taken on behalf of him by his parents after a series of arguments, sank in.

Ronan is set to begin attending third level education in September, offering his parents close to 4 years of gloating and boasting to their friends that their son is in ‘a proper course’ on the way to ‘a proper career’.

“Ronan had his head screwed on from the get go, now we hit a bit of a bump when he said he wanted to do Fine Arts, but after we explained it to him, he chose what he really always wanted to do – Commerce in UCD,” Ronan’s mother Fidelma, explained to WWN.