Local Man’s Life A Depressing, Unfunny Version Of ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’


A WATERFORD man’s life consists of all the best and most amusing elements of an episode of riotous and ingenious comedy ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’, minus the comedy.

Stevie Hogan’s day to day life revolves around over the top capers and ideas which sees him find himself in unlikely and outlandish scenarios. However, these incidents avoid the bellyaches associated with FX’s hit comedy show created by Rob McElhenny.

“Last week I broke into an old woman’s house because I got really drunk and realised I didn’t want to go through life without breaking into an old woman’s house,” Hogan explained, with an absence of any life or frivolity.

“I had to eat a cat awhile back there for a few days as I was starving and waiting for my dole money,” Hogan added before showing us his hand which appeared to be missing three fingers.

“I’d love to say it’s a funny story, but I’ve a crippling gambling addiction and I owe some scary people a lot of money,” Hogan confirmed.

Yet more confirmation that his life is a depressing, unfunny version of the much loved show came with the news that Hogan’s uncle John; his very own Frank, played in the show by Danny DeVito, had died several years ago after downing rat poison in a nightclub toilet.

“I don’t think I like life very much,” Hogan concluded.