Daredevil Uses Mobile While Pumping Petrol


THROWING his own personal safety and the safety of those around him into jeopardy, one Waterford daredevil is currently flaunting the rules by filling up his 08 Skoda with pure unleaded petrol while continuing to use his iPhone 5s to check the latest GAA results.

Sean Kilahnan, 38, is just the kind of crazy, live-by-his-own-rules loose cannon that is mad enough to use his phone when there’s a sign in front of him that clearly says “please switch off your phone”.

The Dungarvan native is at this moment continuing to pump petrol at his local Topaz with seemingly not a care in the world as to the consequences that could befall him if he doesn’t at least put his phone on Airplane mode.

“Anything could happen in the next 90 seconds,” said one terrified onlooker, “The rules are clear: don’t use your phone at the petrol pumps. But this mad bastard is just swiping, texting and tapping away at the screen while filling up his car, without a thought for the raging inferno that could engulf the station at any moment”.

Sources close to Kilahnan have told of prior incidents in which he has disregarded phone rules, including a heart-stopping flight to Malaga last year where he kept his phone on the whole time, putting the lives of 168 passengers and crew in jeopardy.