Local Poser Only Uses Gym At Busiest Time


A LOCAL Waterford poser has been accused of only using his local gym at peak hours in order to maximise the chance that someone might look at him while he flexes his muscles.

Greg Nolan, with an address in the Ireland area of the world, is regularly seen in his local branch of Jim’s Gym during its busiest times despite evidence suggesting these periods are incredibly inconvenient for Nolan to be attending the gym.

“I mean I have to duck out of work an hour early to get into the gym in the evening for that sweet spot of 8pm when the place is rammed,” Nolan explained to WWN, “but what alternative do I have, pop in there at 9.30pm when the place is nice and quiet, who will see me getting my flex on then?”

Nolan, who exercises for himself and nobody else, confirmed to WWN that it’s his belief that a gym workout is entirely pointless unless he can be assured people are watching him pushing his ripped physique to the limit.

“If I don’t get a look from someone, I’ll have nothing to masturbate to later,” Nolan confirmed.

The poser also employs a technique which sees him grunt very loudly for no reason, in order to ensure someone, anyone, will look at him.

“You can tell they’re so impressed and that’s what makes the 60 hours I do every week, worth it,” Nolan concluded.