4 Ways To Enjoy The Summer Even If You’re Broke


EVERYONE wants to make the most of summer, the bright evenings and fingers crosses, the warm weather can combine to offer a world of possibilities. Add to that the constant stream of festivals, and outdoor events which cost an arm and a leg, some people may prefer to opt for the cheaper alternatives.

1) Bag of cans

Field? Check. Bag of cans that cost €6? Check. The essential alternative to spending God knows how much money on pretending to enjoy a music festival. The bag of cans festival headlined by you and your mates with no tops on can be just as enjoyable and all on a budget.

2) Amass an army of seagulls

Seagulls, foe to so many people, people with money who can buy nice things like ice cream, and chips; well they’re just flaunting their wealth and its ability to make summer enjoyable. But what if you could somehow convince those winged bastard seagulls to join forces with you to ruin summer for everyone, why, that’d be a great plan.

Maybe you can train them to peck out people’s eyes or maybe that’s going too far. Probably not though, seagulls are probably intelligent enough that they could learn to do that.

3) Your mate’s barbeque

This one has all the benefits of a barbeque but with none of the cost. Just make sure to have all your excuses for not bringing your own food or booze along at the ready, and then you’re home free to enjoy a lovely afternoon which becomes progressively hazier the longer it goes on for.

Hold out until winter when everyone else is miserable

Summer turns people into hellish, optimistic versions of themselves, and in if they actually have the money for weekends away and nights out then they’re even more insufferable.

Your only hope may lie with playing the long game and remaining patient. There is a certain satisfaction to be gained from looking at all those happy faces, enjoying their summer with their fun activities and whatnot, while you’re holding onto the fact that once the evenings get dark again everyone will be as curmudgeonly as you are.