Hard Up Conor McGregor Selling Put Downs Online


MMA reporters have confirmed that Irish fighting legend Conor McGregor has had to resort to making quick cash online in the absence of a payday from the UFC.

While McGregor’s much anticipated rematch against Nate Diaz is scheduled for the 20th of August, the Dubliner’s lavish lifestyle means he is in need of new revenue streams in the interim.

Setting up an eBay membership, the Notorious is charging customers five figure sums in exchange for use of some of his most scathing and effective put downs.

“I was due to give a presentation in front of the finance industry’s finest, but I knew if I got heckled, I’d need some sharp barbs to fight back with and that’s where Conor’s expertise came in handy,” CEO Brian Hurley explained to WWN.

In exchange for paying €13,000, Hurley was given an ear piece and coached through insulting an audience of his peers by McGregor.

“I was seriously bricking it but then Conor’s lilting insults wafted into my ear, and before I knew it, I was shouting at investors, telling them things like ‘I’ve seen better suits at a clown convention’ and ‘is that a hot air balloon or is that just your head’ and more lighthearted fare like ‘I will make orphans of your children, and they will learn to call me Daddy'” Hurley explained.

McGregor is believed to be selling more generic insults for as little as €1,000 each.

With ‘look at the big fat Lego head on ya’, ‘you’re uglier than a Picasso painting on acid’, and ‘you are as needless as spring onions in a salad, seriously, I am a firm believer that spring onions are superfluous to any salad, their salad tyranny must end now’ all still available at the of this article’s writing.