Homelessness March Not Attended By You


USING Ireland’s 4.5 million strong population as a guide, it is very likely you were not among the 1,000 people who marched in solidarity with the Nation’s homeless this weekend, WWN can reveal.

According to various estimates between 300 to 1,000 people marched to the GPO on Saturday to give a physical and organised presence to the public’s continued disgust at how homeless people are being treated by the State.

While acknowledging the dire circumstances many individuals and families find themselves in, it is not thought you were among those who thought the crisis significant enough to head into Dublin’s city centre and protest against Government inaction.

It is not thought your presence alone would have forced the Government into reappraising its efforts thus far in solving the housing and homelessness issues, however, leading homeless charities admit it would have been nice to see you there.

A coalition of more than 30 organisations including the Fr. Peter McVerry Trust attempted to mobilise the public’s obvious distaste for how the most vulnerable in society are treated, but it is alleged you were elsewhere, possibly enjoying the sunshine and eating a Choc Ice.

The march, which sought to put pressure on the Government to declare a national housing emergency in order to access special EU funding that could help remedy the problem, was attempting to show just how incensed the public was at the current situation.

Despite being able to regularly access the required supplies of empathy to read about the plight of the homeless and become outraged at the political class it is believed you had your reasons for not attending.