RTÉ To Produce Cork-Based Soap In The Interest Of “Balance And Fairness”


RTÉ has announced plans to produce a brand new soap opera set in Cork city, amid complaints that having just one soap set in Dublin was not “balanced and fair”.

The Broadcasting Authority Of Ireland upheld thousands of complaints from Corkonians that the long-running soap “Fair City” does not represent their views or lifestyles, stating that if the national broadcaster is to continue airing pro-Dublin programming, then an equal or greater amount of pro-Cork programming should be aired too.

As is their standard operating procedure, RTÉ immediately caved in to the pressure and set about work on “Leesiders”, a twice-weekly soap that will follow a cast of characters as they go about their lives in Cork city.

“People complained. What did you expect us to do?” said one RTÉ representative.

“We don’t have the power to stand and fight our ground on matters like these. If a group of people tackle us over ‘balance and fairness’, we just cave straight away and give them whatever they want. Unless they’re looking for something unreasonable, like the scrapping of the Angelus or something like that”.

As production begins on the new soap, actors and actresses in the D4 area whose parents are friends of producers in RTÉ are being asked to brush up on their Cork accents.