Amazing! This Lucky Fan Was Taken To Church By Hozier


YOU can file this one under ‘heartwarming’ and ‘totes amazeballs’ as the Irish legend Hozier went that extra mile for a fan this week and melted all our hearts.

The ‘Take Me To Church’ singer did just that for 14-year-old Cara Unger, who seems perfectly healthy, and boy was she delighted. As part of a fan competition, one lucky fan would have the opportunity to hang out with Hozier while they doing their favourite thing in whole world, and with over 100,000 entries Cara can count herself very lucky indeed to have won out.

“Aw, I was on cloud nine,” Cara said, confiding in WWN, “I did all my favourite things – confession, communion, even got to do a reading. At first I thought I’d have to have a terminal illness or have my house burned down or something but the competition was open to everyone thank God”.

Hozier, famed for his hit song which examines the hypocrisy of organised religion and its attitudes to sexuality, declined to step inside the church with Cara, but she was nevertheless delighted with the gesture.

“In fairness the competition was very clear, I did say I wanted to be taken to church, not taken in to it. I read the fine print so I wasn’t disappointed,” Cara added.

“I’ve loved the song for ages, and to actually be taken to church by Hozier, was a dream come true”.

The Wicklow singer has been inundated with requests from the world’s rich and famous to offer a similar service, with the Vatican even offering a 7-figure some to the singer if he agreed to take Pope Francis to mass in St. Peter’s Basilica.