Concerned Friends Stage Intervention Over Man’s Unibrow


THERE were moving scenes in a busy Waterford pub yesterday evening after a group of friends convened to confront Eddie Purcell over his massive unibrow.

After some polite small talk, the friends shifted the conversation to subjects such as waxing strips or where is the best place to buy a decent tweezers.

However, Eddie (24) seemed unable to pick up on any of the subtle hints that the shag rug taking up residence on his brow may need some maintenance.

“I said ‘remember when Colin Farrell’s unibrow was so out of control he looked like he’d covered his forehead in glue and head butted a gorilla’,” explained Eddie’s best friend, Cormac Keenan, “but he just didn’t pick up what we were saying”.

“It used to be at that ‘ah sure it’s not that bad level’ but I dunno what he’s been feeding himself lately, it’s engulfed his entire face at this stage, it’s all I can stare at. It’s hypnotic,” friend Bronagh O’Neill shared with WWN.

Following on from Eddie’s inability to grasp why everyone had agreed to meet together, a concerned Bronagh took him by the hand and told him it was time to admitted he had a problem and make a change.

“Ah stop, it’s grand sure,” concluded the hairy-browed Eddie, as if completely unaware of how much more attractive he would be to the opposite sex if he separated his brow into two distinct entities.

“That unibrow is only thing between him and the ride,” a mournful Bronagh concluded.