Single Elderly Man Insists He “Always Wanted To Visit Thailand”


THE jury remains out as to whether or not the claims of one elderly Waterford man that he “always wanted to go to Thailand” are true, or if he just wants to go over and have sex with as many young women as his bank account allows.

Michael-James O’Hanlon, 66, is adamant that he would love to see the beautiful beaches, extraordinary wildlife and historical and cultural landmarks of the South-East Asian country, and that his interest in the area has nothing to do with the fact that you can get teenage prostitute for as little as 4 euro per night.

Having recently retired from his job, lifelong bachelor O’Hanlon is treating himself to a trip to the area, after hearing from several sources that the country really knows how to cater for a man like him.

Thailand, along with several other nations in the region, is a hotbed of sex tourism, thanks to devastating poverty and unemployment. A sex worker in Bangkok can earn enough to support their entire family, and as such many are forced into the profession at an early, sometimes illegal age.

“I’m not sure the beaches will be as nice as Tramore, but sure we’ll see,” said O’Hanlon, packing his suitcase.

“The girl in the travel agent kinda looked at me funny when I asked for information about going to Thailand, but I assured her I wanted to just go and see the sights and the rivers or whatever. I’m not going to fuck kids, honestly”.

When questioned, O’Hanlon admitted that he “probably wouldn’t” be going swimming or water-skiing or para-sailing on his trip, and would more than likely “stick to the town” for the fortnight.