Relief As New Stone Roses Single Perfect Accompaniment To Taking Pills


THE worst fears of dedicated and diehard Stone Roses fans have not been realised after the band’s new single surpassed their expectations, WWN understands.

The Manchester band’s first new music since 1995 has been warmly received by their fans, who cite the ability to get mashed out of their heads on drugs while listening to the song being its strongest point.

“I was worried I’d drop a tab and it just wouldn’t have that same enjoyment as the older stuff, but Ian sings about love and shit, and that’s great for when I’m hugging people I’ve only just met,” confirmed Stone’s fan Richie Fahey.

The single ‘All For One’ with its lyrics “all for one, all for one, if we join hands, we can make a wall” has delighted older fans with memories of hallucinating such occurrences in the early 90s.

“Yeah, I mean when you’re on a serious session you might as well be a fucking wall, so yeah, quality tune,” added Stone’s fan Donal Kenny.

Critics of the song have pointed out that the lyrics sounded like an endorsement for Donald Trump’s immigration policies.