Skellig Michael To Be Moved 11KM Closer To Shore To Accommodate More Star Wars Filming


WITH the worrying news of boulders and debris falling on Skellig Michael comes yet more troublesome events regarding the precious ecological and historical island off the Kerry coast.

Due to the immense pressure the Hollywood production of Star Wars is putting on the government, and the associated economic benefits the production brings, the newly formed government has agreed to move Skellig some 11km closer to the Kerry coast.

“We just asked could we move it and they said yes immediately and then gave us more money to go towards the production. They were only too delighted to help, and even asked if we needed any explosives to help with dislodging Skellig,” explained the film’s location manager Jake Costigan.

The sequel to The Force Awakens is expected film a 3.2 second scene on the island later this summer.

“We were spending a lot of money on fuel and ferry hire which we needed to transport the equipment all the way out there,” added Costigan, “the local firm, Healy Rae Boat Hire, they kept doubling the price every single day. It became too much so we had to seek a solution to spiraling costs”.

While it is believed another local firm Healy Rae Tarmac has offered to build a road out to the soon to be relocated island, which will sit some 600 metres from Kerry, Star Wars producer may tender the contract in an open bidding process conducted by Healy Rae Open Bidding Consultants.