Top 8 Conor McGregor Quotes


The MMA legend with a gift for the gab. Whether it’s epic put downs or inspirational splurges of verbs and adjectives, you know above all else that when Notorious is talking, you should be listening.

Here below are his defining quotes:

1) “I’m so rich I shit money”

– counting his Communion money, aged 8.

2) “And so I ask you what is success without failure? Serious question, I’ve just lost”

– after his first ever fight loss to Eoin Griffin in a tense senior infants little break fight

3) “My preferred method of annihilation is to utterly overwhelm my opponent. I, engulf him – like a mother hugging her child returning home at the airport. I consume him, like a drunk devouring cheesy garlic fries in Supermacs at 4am, I end him like someone cancelling their BT Sport subscription after hearing my retirement rumours”

– on fighting

4) “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”

– shortly after watching Toy Story 3.

5) “I feel sorry for him, he is like an Arabian lamb lost in the desert of discontent. But instead of grains of sand, he is walking on Haribo Star Mix, trekking for 3 days with next to no water. He is lost. He is without safety. He is rage. He is a nincompoop of epic proportions”

– discussing his junior cert geography teacher Mr. O’Farrell.

6) “D’ya ever be sitting on the couch and be eating a chocolate bar and then a bit falls in between your legs, and then ya get up and some how it’s all smushed in on the arse of your jeans? I hate that”

– Conor addressing the continued escalation in tensions between North and South Korea

7) “I am the anvil, you are the mouse, I shall crush you, be gone from my house”

– said during a recent altercation with the self-checkout machine in Tesco

8) “Fucking hell, the size of my hands”

– after momentarily forgetting how big his hands are.