Foreign Plug Sockets Taking The Piss


A 30-year long study carried out by TCD in conjunction with Irish tourists has finally published its findings, which concludes that foreign plug sockets are absolutely taking the piss.

Collating the varied experiences of Irish people, who travelled abroad only to be confronted by strange plug sockets which appear to have been designed by an ancient society with a poor grasp of electrical products in Ireland, researchers at TCD were able to determine that foreign plug sockets were designed with maximum annoyance in mind.

“Our plugs have three yokes on them, and these clueless fuckers just have the two holes on their sockets and then there’s the three pronged ones that aren’t like our ones at all… what are they playing at all?” confirmed professor of engineering at TCD Micheál O’Bríon.

Extensive and painstaking research saw O’Bríon and his colleagues ask Irish tourists if they had any issues with the differing sockets found in countries such as France, America and Germany.

“We found out, that in no uncertain terms, it was a great trial for Irish people to discover for the first, second and forty ninth times that them lot abroad haven’t a clue how to do the most basic of things. It can be very stressful,” added O’Bríon.

O’Bríon went on to recommend people never leave the country in order to avoid all the confusion and frustration that arises from plug socket incompatibility, or alternatively always carry at least 15 different types of plug adaptors on your person at all times.