Fed Up Electorate Place Ad In Paper Looking For A Government


A FED up Irish electorate has paid for full page ads in all major Irish newspapers and the Daily Mail, advertising for the position of government.

Government positions have been vacant since the end of February, despite the competitive salaries, chance to travel in the job, and generous time off.

“The basic salary is great, but when you game the system, your salary could increase by as much as 500%,” observed recruitment expert Sheila Drummond.

The ad states that it is looking for a group of ‘like minded individuals with sufficient experience in just forming a government and getting on with things, without devolving into the sort of bickering deemed too immature for 3-year-olds’.

While the advertisement contains a total of 147 swear words, 3 of which have been specially invented just for the appeal, it is frustration rather than anger that dominates the electorate’s feeling towards the slow pace of Fianna Fáil/Fine Gael negotiations.

“Ideally we’d get in people that aren’t self serving sly so-in-sos who only want to continue the status quo, that’s what the ad is for, really. But if we don’t get that I just wish Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael would hurry up and form a coalition, at least then I know I have 5 solid years ahead of me to moan non stop,” Daniel Cummings, a member of the electorate shared with WWN.

So far the ads have resulted in a total of 12 applicants, all from individuals on 9-month JobBridge internships at deli counters in their local shop.