North Korea Launch Medium Range Missile After Watching YouTube Tutorial


THE international community has condemned North Korea’s test launch of a medium range missile, which the country successfully constructed after watching several YouTube tutorials.

“We could have sent a spy to MIT in America, learn mechanics, engineering, physics, but this is much cheaper dear leader,” North Korean general Lee Ju Sung revealed in an internal memo addressed to Kim Jong Un, which was intercepted by US Intelligence agencies.

The ominous launch, which displayed dictator Kim Jong Un’s growing efforts to bulk up his military might, was made possible by a 13 minute YouTube tutorial video called ‘How to make a bomb in 5 easy steps’.

“You have my apologies glorious leader, we would have had this finished much sooner, but the dial up internet is very slow,” Jung continued in his communication with his country’s leader.

Examination by experts of the launch footage revealed that the Koreans also had to improvise elements of the missile due to a lack of certain materials in a country suffering from the strict trade embargo imposed by the international community.

“The missile just about made a successful launch, but the presence of sellotape, glue and cardboard were clearly visible,” confirmed security and ballistic expert John Caldwell.

The offending video utilised by the isolated nation has been just one of several recent searches made from North Korea’s official computer, others include ‘sexy Kim Jong Un’, ‘how to make enough food for millions of people from one rice field’ and ‘Stars Wars Force Awakens download’.