Iraqi Army Invades America To Liberate Its People From Donald Trump


THEY advanced under the cover of darkness, but make no mistake the armed forces of the Republic of Iraq intended to bring light to the desperate people of America in their time of need, WWN reports from the frontline of the emerging conflict.

As emboldened tyrant Donald Trump further strengthened his position of power in America after securing more Republican primary victories, America’s dire state of affairs led to one country intervening on behalf of the innocent citizens of the downtrodden Western nation.

“We know what it is like, and we were saved from it all in 2003. We can see the parallels and felt we must act,” explained General of the Iraqi Army Ali Kameni, “plus once we heard Trump praise Sadam Hussein, we knew we had to act fast to save the people of America”.

Iraqi forces advanced on several key strategic locations across America early this morning, securing Trump Tower in New York, as well as the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas.

Kameni admitted he was overwhelmed by the emotional welcome they received from the oppressed people of America.

“Children in the streets, openly weeping and hugging us, mothers giving us flowers. The people were so appreciative of the new found freedom we had bestowed upon them, I will never forget this moment,” Kameni told WWN, fighting back the tears.

While the liberation of the American people by the Iraqi Army is not yet complete, the most moving and perhaps enduring image so far is that of ordinary New Yorkers coming together to tear down a statue of Trump outside his Trump Tower building.

Joyous, tear-laden chants of ‘down with Trump’ were heard on the streets for hours afterwards.