Garda Pictures From Inside The Home Of ‘The Monk’


THE home of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch was raided this morning by over 100 gardaí investigating the murder of David Byrne at the Regency Hotel. WWN can bring you these exclusive pictures taken by detectives at the scene:


The Monk’s home is not your stereotypical gangster house. In fact, it’s quite ordinary on the outside, but what gardaí uncovered when they broke down the door will be sure to shock you.


Upon entering, gardaí were taken aback by the sheer size of the Crumlin resident’s front room. Dozens of pews flank each side of the entrance area, obviously to seat The Monk’s large gang of criminals. Statues of previous Dublin criminals align the wall, with Martin ‘The General’ Cahill leading the way. Gardaí estimate the cost of furnishing this room alone would have been in the hundreds of thousands of euros. Each of the 100 gardaí were asked to genuflect when entering – a condition agreed upon between gardaí and The Monk.


Probably one of the most unusual finds was this confession box, used by The Monk to interrogate potential snitches and a place, sources claim, where cruel and unusual penance was dished out on a daily basis. It is understood The Monk would sometimes force gang members to recite several decades of the rosary on top of Holy Marys, Our Fathers and a partridge in a pear tree. Gardaí also found 4,000 communion wafers hidden in the box, which are believed to have come directly from Columbia, with a potency of 90% Christ.


The most worrying find in the home of The Monk has to be this altar. Gardaí believe dozens, if not tens of armed robberies were planned at this very table. Forensic teams found large traces of incense and a book with a coded language, aptly named ‘The Bible’. Much of the text in this book is said to be incoherent and almost insane. Whoever wrote it, never wanted its secrets to be revealed.


The Monk’s back garden was by far the most confusing part of today’s raid. Detectives counted over 400 graves in total. Begging the question, who were these people, and what happened them?

Due to a lack of any substantial evidence, The Monk was released without charge after the raid, while a file is being prepared by the DPP.