Met Éireann Confirm It’s Rain & A Bit Of Wind For A Change


METEOROLOGICAL outfit Met Éireann has shocked the public with its latest forecast, WWN can confirm.

Despite a near constant deluge of rain, wind and general misery so far in 2016, staff at Met Éireann have released their latest forecasts which bore little resemblance to Irish weather in 2016.

“Rain, wind, unending darkness, why go on at all,” Fionnuala Goggins, Met Éireann meteorologist confirmed, as the colour drained from her impossibly pale and disconsolate face.

“But, don’t forget it’s all change then in the evening as it’s all about the wind, and a bit of rain, and the feeling that your job makes everyone sad and angry” Goggins added further, giving hope to the Nation that Ireland’s truly atrocious weather was about to take a turn for the better.

While Goggins was quick to remind WWN that she doesn’t make the weather, she just reports on it, the Met Éireann stalwart went on to apologise for the next 45 minutes straight.

“I think it’s best if no one goes out until about July, yeah July, that’s when there’s a bit less rain and wind, but ya know no guarantees,” Goggins concluded before slumping back into her office chair and closing over all the blinds which looked out onto the rain and the wind.