Waterford Cafe Still Has Glowing Newspaper Review From 2003 In Front Window


GEORGIE’S GRILL, a Waterford cafe and eatery are still proudly displaying a positive newspaper review dated from 2003 in their front window, WWN has learned.

Despite being next to impossible to read due to a devastating loss of clarity of print and colour the review, which appears to be three or four paragraphs in length, remains the most dominant aspect of Georgie’s Grill shop front.

“Georgie’s Grill The Perfect Place to Chill” read the headline of the Waterford Star and News article that endorsed the cafe’s credentials for fine dining some 13 years ago in the January 5th edition of the paper.

While experts in the culinary arts were hesitant to speak out, a number of them, including Waterford based Sean Jenkins, believe they know the reason why Georgie’s Grill affords such a prominent place to the old review.

“It’s a fucking hole boi, I’d sooner review cancer than that hole,” Jenkins explained, reasoning that perhaps it has been 13 years since anyone was willing to speak positively about the grill’s menu which consists of full Irish breakfast and chips.

Georgie O’Connor, owner and proprietor of Georgie’s Grill refused to comment when contacted by WWN.