Woman Knows Why She’s Mad But Does Her Boyfriend?


A CURRENTLY unfolding domestic dispute between Katie O’Byrne and her boyfriend Killian Hannon remains centred on the confusing issue of whether or not Killian knows why his partner is fixed in a state of anger and frustration.

Katie (22) has reaffirmed her sureness as to her reasons for becoming mad on several occasions, however, she has not once provided any more details beyond that, leaving the couple at an impasse.

“I think this one might be an all nighter,” conceded Hannon to himself in his head as he was told by his partner of 3 years that her reasons for being irritable and argumentative should be obvious to both residents of the apartment the couple rent together.

With Hannon employing a risky strategy of ‘leaving her be’ it is still unclear to their neighbours intently listening in from the adjacent apartment whether or not Hannon does indeed know what has made the his girlfriend so angry.

“What are you even pissed off for like, seriously?” Hannon inquired moments before regretting the decision to open his mouth.

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