Plane Diverts To Shannon For The Craic


AIRPORT authorities in Shannon have uncovered a complicated conspiracy amongst commercial airplane pilots which has seen a record number of planes diverted to the airport ‘just for the craic’.

Under heavy questioning from airport police BA pilot Colin Markum admitted that he forced his plane into an emergency diversion just for the craic and not because a suspicious package was found on board, as was initially claimed.

“Well because Shannon was getting this reputation as like a new Bermuda Triangle, what with all the diversions heading there, we decided to land there,” the pilot explained in an official statement of apology issued earlier this morning.

“You just get bored, London to New York transatlantic flights 24/7. Not a lot of people know this, but the sky just looks the same, no matter where you fly so I regularly fall asleep at the controls, Shannon is good for a coffee and a stretch of the legs,” Markum added.

Markum confirmed that as one of just 4 pilots left in the world to have never diverted hastily to Shannon, the 47-year-old began to feel left out, as many colleagues made use of the duty free section while their planes were checked for bombs, sick passengers, escaped emus, and serial killers.

“They all got their names in the papers and everything, I just wanted to experience all that I’m sorry, but I’d do it for the craic all over again,” Markum concluded, using Irish parlance he had picked up while purchasing an Aran jumper moments earlier.