Outrage As Work Experience Kid Leaves Job The Same Time He Would Leave School


THERE was considerable anger among the staff at a prominent Dublin accountancy firm yesterday, after a transition year student currently on work placement left to head home at the time he would usually leave school, as opposed to the time the job clocks off.

Alan Power, 16, left McHallian & Co. at 4pm, instead of 5.30pm with the regular staff. This caused a huge debate among the workers at the Grand Canal Dock-based firm, who stress that the teenager “isn’t getting the full experience of work” if he thinks he can just go home an hour and a half early every day.

Staff at the fast-paced company were left in shock as their young protégé got up and left his desk with his jacket and backpack, before heading out the door and getting an early train home. The teenager had been in the middle of an important letter-sorting task at the time, and many are questioning if he is really taking this whole work experience thing seriously.

“He needn’t think it’s like this all the time,” said one irate data entry technician, furious at the fact that this child got to go home early. “If you’re going to be on work experience then you should stay until close of business, like the rest of us.

“The back stockroom isn’t going to tidy itself, you know?”

When questioned about his decision to leave early, Power stressed that he really didn’t care about work experience, and was only doing transition year because it seemed like a good way to doss around for a year.