Confirmed: Some Women Just Don’t Appreciate A Good Dick Pic


MEN hoping to attract a member of the opposite sex by sending unsolicited pictures of their genitals may have to come up with a new strategy, as a new study has confirmed that some women just aren’t into that kind of thing.

Sending a close up of your penis has become the go-to tactic for men looking for female company via dating apps such as Tinder, in a bid to cut to the chase and find out if the girl you’re attempting to court is interested in sex or not.

The straightforward tactic has a poor success rate, with most men admitting that it rarely works, ever.

Although it was initially believed that the majority of women are prudes who don’t know a good dick when they see one, new research has found that the average woman just doesn’t care to turn on her phone and see a picture of a strange person’s penis at any time, day or night.

“We may have to go back to the drawing board on this,” said Ian Gannon, spokesperson for the Irish chapter of Dick Pic Enthusiasts Society. “I mean, we thought we were onto a sure thing, but now it turns out that women just don’t like it when our first text is “hello” and second is a fully erect, throbbing penis.

“We could have done with this information a while ago”. he added.

Gannon went on to state that from now on he would be waiting until “at least the fourth message” before sending a dick pic.