Man Determined To Get An Early Night Stays Up On The Internet Til 4am


DUBLIN man Niall Morgan had put in place every precaution to ensure he got to bed early for a good night’s rest only to spend the majority of the night on the internet.

Conscious of his habit of trawling through an endless list of websites for bite sized entertainment chunks, which when added together are actually longer than the entire Godfather trilogy, Morgan was determined to put an end to such practices in order to catch up on some vital sleep.

“The bright glow… it’s calling my name,” Morgan was heard whispering to himself by his partner Gavin Boylan as Morgan moved in a trance like state to his laptop, turning it on in order to watch a ceaseless stream of YouTube videos.

“One minute I was putting my head down on the pillow at 9.58pm, I was fucking knackered from work, next thing I’m like, awake in front of my laptop and it’s 4am,” a bewildered Morgan shared with WWN.

Morgan had engaged in what experts call a YouTube K-hole, in which a person can click on one video with the intention of watching one and only one video before falling into a trance-like state, going on to watch hours and hours of videos.

“All I wanted was an early night… ha ha here look at this gif of a cat juggling,” Morgan said becoming distracted by the internet once again.