Irish Men Named Ugliest In The World In Piece Of Shit, Stupid Survey


THE men of Ireland have been ranked the ugliest in the world by some stupid fucking survey, observed the Nation’s male half of the population.

“How do they even come up with this shit, like are they just asking bitter auld ones from England or something,” queried Wexford man Alan Vincent, who up to this point in life had considered himself in the ‘not ugly’ bracket of attractiveness.

The contentious survey was carried out by some company with the aim of ending up as material for articles in newspapers and online news sites, effectively achieving free advertising for their brand, something which many Irish men have objected to.

“Like, what’s the science behind just asking people their opinion on our looks? It’s not fucking on if you ask me, sort of stinks of bullshit, doesn’t even take personality into account, it’d be nice if they tried to get to know us first,” a wounded looking Galway man Graham Hurley shared with WWN.

“Surveys are stupid anyway, I wouldn’t take any notice of them,” added Roscommon man Eamon Cummins while staring at his reflection in the mirror and pulling at his face and wrinkles.

Irish men have since led calls for the acknowledgement that beauty is subjective, and that labels like ‘ugly’ do more harm than good.