Fashion: Is The Zika Virus The New Ebola?



WWN has consulted the finest minds in the fashion world to discern whether or not this season’s biggest emerging trend; the Zika virus is really the new Ebola or just a pretender to the crown.

The World Health Organisation has warned it will soon be spreading across all of the Americas and hitting the streets, altering our perception of viruses that had previously been of no interest to us, but can it live up to the Ebola comparison hype?

“Well, it’s got all the elements we love, now that is it making its way to the West, we’re happy to appropriate it as our own and give it the coverage it clearly didn’t deserve when it was just isolated to the countries no one quite cares about” – Anna Wintour, editor at Vogue.

Strong words from the decisive taste maker in the fashion world today.

“I see it’s made its way to Denmark, the Scandinavians are always early adopters of cutting edge trends, so I’d take that as a good sign, it’s sort of pulling away from its impoverished roots and establishing itself in a more vibrant, fashion-forward location” – Kate Moss, model.

If this high praise continues Zika could outstrip Ebola for the crown of most fierce and fashionable virus of the 21st century.

“American fashion labels prefer Othering the trends prevalent in African American cultures, I can’t see this taking off” – Stella McCartney, fashion designer.

“It’s catching on quick, but I’d never heard of the Flavivirus House, but I’m a big fan now” – Kim Kardashian

We’re putting money on Kanye telling Kim about it first, lol!

While some doubts still linger, it looks like Zika is the new buzz trend of the year.