Late Late Lamb Describes Horror Of Meeting Tubridy


“THE cold, dead eyes… the pale, expressionless face… I’ll remember it for the rest of my life,” those were the words of a young lamb who was subjected to a horrific experience on Friday night’s edition of The Late Late Show, where he had to meet and work with Ryan Tubridy.

Known as Dynamo, the young lamb had been invited to appear on the show with his owner TJ Gormley, to demonstrate an innovative “carousel” used in the tagging and maintenance of lambs on the farm.

Although the segment raised many concerns about the wellbeing of the lamb during the demonstration of the carousel, Dynamo has come forward to say that while being strapped to a machine in front of studio lights and a baying crowd wasn’t uncomfortable in the slightest, but having to deal with Tubridy himself was an ordeal.

“I just felt the life draining from me while I was in his company,” sobbed Dynamo, speaking to WWN during a break from being in a field. “It’s just this hideous awkwardness, this sense that he’d rather be anywhere else than hosting Ireland’s highest-rated TV show while cashing one enormous paycheque after another.

“It was only when I was in the back of the trailer on the way home to Galway, I started to relax”.

Dynamo’s statements were backed up by both Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, who also appeared on Friday’s show.

“I want to go back to Compton – where it’s safe”, said Cube.