Enda Kenny Forced To Sit At Third World Leaders’ Table At Davos Summit


THE Taoiseach became embroiled in an embarrassing episode at the Davos forum, which serves as the site at which the world’s most influential business people seek to influence politicians.

After arriving in the main hall ahead of a series of talks and presentations, Kenny is believed to have looked long and hard for familiar faces in the large crowds.

Unable to recognise any leading business people, the Fine Gael leader latched on to Angela Merkel and David Cameron, clinging to them in what must have been an intimidating and confusing environment for the Taoiseach.

“God love him, he looked like a lost puppy, Merkel was busy trying to push through trade deals, and under the table deals with huge multi-national companies, and Enda sort of hung back over her shoulder,” explained one eye witness.

“He was on the verge of tears when he tried to sit down with Hollande, Obama and Cameron at the head table and they pointed out he was actually sitting at the third world leaders’ table,” confirmed the witness.

The decision to place Ireland’s leader at the third world table was thought to be due to the massive cuts in public services, rendering much of the country’s essential services worse off than many third world nations.

“But, I don’t speak African, I thought we were friends,” Enda meekly said, desperately trying to catch Merkel’s eye as she began to ignore him completely.