Tearful Scenes As Previous Winner Of Internet Hands Over Crown


“I ALWAYS knew the time would come when I would have to pass this honour on to someone else,” sobbed Kevin Merrin, as the assembled crowd clapped in support.

Merrin was speaking at yesterday’s Internet Winner crowning ceremony, where he was stepping down after his term as winner of the internet to allow a new champion to take his place.

The 27-year-old from London won the internet the day before, with a Vine of himself doing an impression of his cat coughing on a biscuit.

His 24 hour reign as premier of the online world came to a close at 11am this morning, after Los Angeles native Lana Dacosta posted a picture on Instagram of herself mocking Donald Trump, along with a witty caption.

Merrin wept openly as he passed a crown made of USB keys to Dacosta, and made an emotional speech in which he advised her to cherish her time as winner of the internet.

“I’d like to thank everyone who LOL’d and everyone who said they were ‘roaring here'” said the incumbent internet winner, wiping away a flood of tears.

“I know Lana will wear this crown with pride, and enjoy her reign as Internet Winner. And to all of you out there, who dream of winning the internet some day, I say this; follow your dream. Make a Vine of that dog on a skateboard. Post that tweet calling Justin Bieber a prick. You too can win the internet, if you just believe”.

The ceremony was dramatically halted as a team of judges over-ruled Dacosta’s claim to the throne, awarding the crown instead to an attractive young woman who posted a video on YouTube of her playing keepy-up with a football by bouncing it on her arse.