AMAZING! This American Couple Had An OK Time On Holiday In Ireland


SERIOUSLY proud to be Irish today as news has emerged of a fairly average review of Ireland as a tourist destination from a couple all the way from AMERICA. Class!

We Irish are known around the world for being a hospitable sort, so to have this constantly trotted out trope validated by a random couple with American passports is huge. Huge.

Marty and Betsy Huston spent a week in Ireland at the start of January and their sober appraisal of their trip, written on Facebook was shared by 3 friends, and liked by double that amount, in what is sure to be a huge boost to the economy.

“Cliffs of Moher were nice, bitterly cold. Dublin’s streets a bit dirty, but the hotel was OK,” began the stunning endorsement and validation of the Irish people and our glorious country. We’re still reeling from what it means to be making the headlines on the Facebook page of a retired teacher and retired engineer from the US. This is big.

“Not as good as when we went to Greece last year,” the priceless review concluded. Take a bow Ireland.

As part of Tourism Ireland’s new media campaign Marty and Betsy Huston’s amazing review of Ireland will be projected on the GPO, and carried on huge advertisement hoardings on Times Square. That’s in New effing York for the uninitiated.

It has to be said, in an increasingly competitive tourism climate, you cannot buy this sort of hype, and it’s great to see yet another group of people who have fallen head over heels in very muted enjoyment of our little green isle.