Gym Guy To Work On Burying Insecurities A Little Deeper Down Today


AVID gym user Nathan Cooney arrived at his local gym early this morning to really go to work on burying down his mountain of insecurities, WWN has learned.

Frustrated with himself for not tending to myriad self esteem issues in his last session, in which he mainly did cardio, the 25-year-old turned his attention to lifting some serious weight off his shoulders.

“Jaysus, the grimace on his face, you can tell he’s feeling the burn,” a fellow gym user remarked as Cooney was lifting over by a squat rack, “but you’d barely notice the insecurity under all those muscles”.

Cooney’s weekly routine sees him hit the gym 9 times in order to maintain an outwardly sheen of someone who isn’t hiding some serious self esteem issues beneath it all.

“You can’t neglect that burying insecurities workout,” remarked trainer at the gym James Hogan, “it’s a big part of an unbalanced life, you need to put in countless reps to ensure none of that shit comes back up on rest days”.

It is believed while Cooney will continue to work tirelessly on the burying workout, he will always skip leg day.