Successful PR Campaign Launches Christmas Card


THE majority of the world has heralded the arrival of a Christmas card from one of the most effective PR campaigns in recent memory.

The campaign, launched back in April 2011 with a lavish ceremony in London, was broadcast across the world and has seen a rejuvenation in the fortunes of Royal Family Ltd.

“I love it,” remarked one consumer earlier in London today, with her eyes glazing over at the sight of two small children posing alongside two adults, “I honestly never thought you could get me to care about an archaic system which presumes itself to be superior to me, but they’ve nailed it with this campaign,” the consumer added.

Previous to the beginning of the ingenious campaign Royal Family Ltd was much maligned for being out of step with modern business practices, often coming across to potential customers as stuck in its ways and simply not value for money.

“We worked tirelessly on this PR campaign and it is so successful that it has got to the point where we don’t even have to try anymore, as the media and public promote it more than we do,” explained Finlay Dunbarr, of advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi.

“And we felt with it being Christmas, which needed to align the brand with the holiday season, to sort of subconsciously force the public to associate the time with Royal Family Ltd. We’ve taken our lead from one of the first campaign carried out by the company which saw the CEO address the public on Christmas day,” Dunbarr added.