Chelsea Confirm Record Bid For Leicester’s 35 Points Ahead Of Transfer Window


FOLLOWING Leicester City’s impressive dismantling of an increasingly anaemic looking Chelsea side, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has given the green light for a sensational transfer bid for the league leader’s points total.

With Chelsea hovering dangeorusly over the relation zone after successive losses to Premier League heavyweights Bournemouth and Leicester, many football experts speculated that with the January transfer window fast approaching Chelsea would spend their way out of trouble, and if their opening bid for Leicester’s 35 points haul is any indication that’s exactly what they’re aiming to do.

“A club, a big club like Chelsea are always in market for the best of the best,” a dejected Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho explained to the press after his side’s latest loss.

“We cannot lie, Leicester has some of the best points in the league, and a club like Chelsea is always looking for the best points, I say it to the owner, this club needs new points, and he answers my praying,” Mourinho added before spending the next 43 minutes explaining why his current squad of players are immense disappointments to everyone they have ever known.

Chelsea haven’t revealed how much they have bid for Leicester’s 10 wins, 5 draws and 1 loss, but it is expected to be in the region of £200 million such is the scarcity of good quality points in the current football transfer market.

“We are champions, and champions need the points of champions, to be champions – this is necessary,” a haunted looking Mourinho said directly into the camera before raising a begging bowl into view.