Vatican Begins Legal Action Against Kimye After Naming Son ‘Saint’


CELEBRITY power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West recently welcomed their second child into the world, but face an obstacle in naming their child ‘Saint’ from none other than Pope Francis and the Vatican.

As legal experts have noted, the Catholic religion is the only religion with the proper accreditation system in place that can see a saint named, and so Kimye’s decision to name their first son ‘Saint’ West has immediately run into trouble.

In a rare candid moment caught by the media, Pope Francis was heard on a microphone saying “are they taking the fucking piss?” when a close aide informed him of the Kardashian and West’s decision. The Pope, visibly angered by the news, is believed to have immediately set about starting legal action against the couple.

The Pope denies the motivation for such action lies with the fact that he had ‘Cucumber’ in a Vatican office sweepstake on what the Hollywood couple would call their second child.

Fr. Roberto Clemente, acting as chief counsel to the Pope and the Vatican has lodged a petition in an American court, claiming the new parents are infringing on Vatican copyright.

“Nobody, but nobody can use ‘Saint’ except the Vatican. These people are merely going to use the word to sell gaudy perfume to the idiotic masses,” Fr. Clemente said, alluding to the failure that was the Vatican’s 2011 foray into the perfume market with ‘Eau De Mother Teresa’.

“Additionally, we can’t in good Catholic conscience let them do this, as naming your child Saint is an act of idiocy that has no rival,” Fr. Clemente added.