9 Scientists Killed In Coke & Mentos Experiment Gone Wrong


TRAGIC scenes unfolded today in a Washington laboratory where 9 lives were lost, all of the dead were leading experts in their scientific field of mixing Mentos in with 2 litre bottles of Coca Cola.

Fire brigades, ambulances and police units populated the space outside the Edison Foundation building after a huge explosion claimed the lives of scientists engaged in an experiment gone wrong.

“I had told them 42 Mentos was too much, the Coke couldn’t handle it, but they wouldn’t listen,” Dr. Felix Gurundy told WWN, who was a member of the Edison team up until last week, choosing to leave as he felt the experiment posed a risk to both health and safety.

“It was all Jeff’s doing, he was always pushing the boundaries, and when I nearly lost an eye unscrewing the bottle cap he didn’t care, he was just obsessed with the work. More Mentos, and damn the consequences,” Dr. Gurunday added not shaking his fist up at the sky in a fury.

CCTV footage recovered from the lab shows the moments leading up to the explosion of Mentos infused Coke, and Dr. Jeff Caldwell is clearly seen trying to sneak a number of extra Mentos into the bottle of Coke.

Moments later the dangerous mix exploded with the same force as a nuclear warhead.

“We’re lucky more people weren’t killed,” Sheriff Harry Harty told WWN.

“If the public takes anything away from this is should be that’s mixing Mentos and Coke together is awesome, tragic of course but definitely cool and awesome. Have you the YouTube videos? So Cool,” a sombre Harty concluded.