Woman Praised For Near Unbelievable Interest In Sport


THE tight-knit Waterford men’s community have reacted in shock and utter disbelief at a local woman who appears to have a refined and knowledgeable love of sports.

Ciara Young, a 32-year-old solicitor was out with friends last night enjoying a quiet drink when she was overheard expressing concern that an “over the hill Robbie Keane, actually in reality offers little to Ireland in terms of work rate, leaving us a man down when it comes to pressing up on Bosnia”.

“She was even wearing a jersey and everything she was,” explained O’Brien’s Pub regular Dylan Kelly, still trying to make sense of it all. “she was amazing, like something they’d dream up in movies. A woman… liking sports and that, it goes against everything science and stuff has taught us,” Kelly added.

Seemingly unable to accept that Young could possess more than the bare minimum knowledge on a number of sports, the assembled men began probing with more and more challenging questions.

However, some were disturbed by the apparently confusing events, and stayed a safe distance from Young, only occasionally peering over other men’s shoulders.

In response to one of the more taxing questions – name a player who plays for Man United, Young’s answer of ‘Wayne Rooney’ drew gasps as a number of men began ringing their friends encouraging them to come to the pub immediately.

“Fucking hell boi, do that again,” Tommy Gormley, a Real, Celtic, Man United and Juventus, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Cowboys and Waterford die hard fan responded in disbelief.

Growing weary of continued questioning Young admitted she also plays sports and had at one point or another played soccer, Camogie, football, hockey, tennis, volleyball and basketball and that it honestly wasn’t a big deal, much to the growing crowd’s amazement.