Refugees Criticised By Public For Failure To Go Viral Recently


MEMBERS of the general public have lashed out at refugees fleeing Syria for Europe for their recent inability to ‘go viral’.

The news emanating this week from Turkish state media that 14 refugees drowned off its coast brought into the focus the public’s disappointment at refugees failure to go viral, something that had done in previous months with regularity.

“Haven’t seen a photo about that on my news feed, nothing. Zip. Nada. 14 people? Ah, they’re obviously not putting in the effort if I didn’t hear about already,” explained social media activism junkie George O’Brien.

The lack of new and emotive viral stories coming out of the media is an indication, according to some, that refugees aren’t taking their social media presence seriously.

“Come on, if they wanted us to care, they’d have got a few gifs of themselves nearly drowning together and put it in a Buzzfeed list,” Avril Hennessey, a person, explained to WWN.

“I heard ya truly disturbing story that one mother was begging for food and didn’t have the presence of mind to Snapchat it to mates,” Hennessey added.

Some 22 people drowned off the coast of Greece on the 30th of October, but social media consumer Aaron Hanley points out that there’s a reason these incidents rarely make a ripple of social media feeds.

“Ah, drowning has been done, some of these lads need to get shot or something, to grab the attention like, or maybe if they get to a city like Paris or London, that sort of thing has pull on social media,” Hanley explained.

“That kid on the beach, whatever his name was, had the right idea. I cared about him. But, like how many refugee stories have got the sort of retweets required for me to get interested in a story? None,” Hanley added, highlighting the precarious spot refugees now hold within people’s fickle attention spans.