Thousands Turn Out After Dublin Young Fella Buries The Bald Lad


THERE has been huge outpouring of emotion among friends of a Dublin teenager today who finally buried the bald lad late yesterday evening.

Ian Cummins, 17, thanked his friends for all their support during this delicate time, and tearfully expressed his relief after the burial, which took place at his Clondalkin home.

The bald lad, also known as ‘baldie’, ‘the baldmeister’ and ‘the ol’ one-eyed bald machine’, was buried repeatedly over a 40 second time frame, before being re-buried ten to twelve minutes later in the same hole.

Word of the burial soon spread throughout the teenagers’ social media accounts, where friends and family expressed their shock and amazement that such a thing could happen to Mr. Cummins.

Tributes were reportedly made to the bald lad over a Whatsapp messaging group, with many agreeing that it was “probably for the best”.

“It was about time you buried the bald lad, ” said one commentator, who buried his own bald lad earlier this year. “There was no sense in prolonging the wait, sure it was only going to get harder for you every day. Fair play, and pass on my regards to the young lassie as well”.

Caroline Sheerin, the 17-year-old who helped Cummins bury the bald lad, said the event was sudden, but peaceful.