Local Teenager Thinks She’s Talk Of The Town After Getting Nose Pierced


LOCAL teenager Kayla Tiernan is under the entirely false impression that she is the talk of the town following her decision to have her nose pierced.

Confirming to herself that nose piercings are reserved only for the ridiculously famous or the unique and impossibly cool, the 17-year-old Waterford native was full of adrenaline when she entered Claire’s Accessories earlier this week.

Since getting the piercing, after several attempts to flee Claire’s in a panic, Tiernan has been inundated with looks and whispers from locals in her head, who the 5th year student believes are talking about her daring nasal decoration.

Despite being the 1,234th teenager to get a piercing in the county in the last week, Tiernan has admitted to herself that Waterford is still shocked and frankly jealous of her one-of-a-kind decision.

“I just wish they’d stop going on about it, but it’s the stares, the stares are the worst. It’s like, it’s a nose piercing get over it,” Kayla confirmed to her friends after the purchase of a bigger, shinier stud for her nose which displayed the word ‘fleek’.

Kayla went on to suggest that if the constant looks she most definitely wasn’t getting from locals continued she might just move somewhere which is more accepting of her unique and individual nature, like New York, London, or Cork.