Local TDs Wake From 4 Year Hibernation


A PART of Irish natural life which has fascinated many a nature enthusiast over the years has passed by somewhat unnoticed this year; the ending of the hibernation undertaken by local TDs.

Emerging from their sleeping chambers, the country’s modest population of TDs have awoken thanks to an amazing internal body clock which informs them a general election is to occur in the coming months.

The sight of a smiling TD with an outstretched hand would be a worrying sight for a person were it not for the fact that this November represents the brief window of time in a 5 year living cycle which sees TDs appetite increase for a brief stint of 3 or 4 months.

“I was nearly going to call a hospital when I saw my local TD coming up the driveway,” explained, concerned Waterford resident Alma Higgins, “you’d worry for them, wondering the street. They look confused and a bit lost, but then the husband says to me an election is coming up, and I relaxed. I thought he had a bang on the head and was trying to do some good or something”.

Voters are reminded that TDs should not be approached with questions as they can become aggressive, it is advised that you allow them to come to you first before interacting in any way.

“They’re all right for food too, don’t be feeding them, they’ll only get attached and never leave you alone,” wildlife expert Gavin Pullman told WWN.